Specialist commercial mediation service for the media, sports and entertainment industries.

Where reputation and privacy are deal-breakers.

Mediation services for media, sports & entertainment

Media, sports and entertainment cases can involve highly complex issues concerning commercial interests, reputation and confidentiality.

Highly experienced

Substantial experience in leading high-stakes mediations, ensuring a balance is achieved between the sensitivities and commercial realities of a dispute.

Understanding your drivers 

While cost may not always be the main concern in many media, sports and entertainment cases, confidentiality and privacy may be. We have handled a substantial number of mediations where confidentiality and keeping matters out of the public domain has been paramount.

Strong, consistent performance

Track record in securing early settlement through robust, no-nonsense approach to mediation.

Mark was on top of the facts and fully understood that this was not just about money.

Mediation experience for media, sports & entertainment:

Experienced in mediating the full range of disputes including:

  • Film and TV format rights issues
  • Defamation, libel, slander
  • Reputation management issues
  • Phone hacking litigation
  • Privacy infringement claims
  • Breach of confidence claims
  • Player transfer and negotiation break-downs
  • Disputes between governing bodies and clubs
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Sporting disputes
  • Rule K arbitrations
  • Unfair prejudice and derivative claims

Why mediate?

Mediation is an independent process involving intervention by an unbiased third party to resolve a dispute.

Courts now expect parties to litigation to settle. In most cases, mediation offers a more commercially-viable and cost-effective approach to dispute resolution.

  • Mediation works.

We have settled over 90% of cases on the day of mediation, or shortly after.

  • Litigation is expensive.

Court fees were increased substantially in 2015. Mediation is a financially attractive alternative.

  • Litigation is time-consuming.

It can take years for cases to come to trial. A mediation can be arranged in a few weeks.

  • Confidentiality.

The entire mediation process is confidential – before, during and after.

  • Address the issues.

Mediation allows people to “get things off their chest” without the stress of appearing in court.

  • Cost.

The cost benefits of attempting mediation compared with not are overwhelming.

  • Parties ‘own’ the result.

The mediator assists them in trying to reach a negotiated settlement, which can be binding, rather than a court imposing a decision outside the control of the parties.

  • Commercial outcomes.

Mediation offers outcomes that no court could achieve – new commercial agreements (however much they seemed unlikely!) are common.

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